Hi, Rachele and Tina here!

We are the co-founders of Lalirra Skin among other things.

We wanted to give you more information about the amazing skincare we have created for women like us and like you.

Firstly, it is made here in Australia using the most powerful, natural ingredients. Our products are truly 100% natural with no nasties. We pride ourselves on being safe and low tox, yet super effective.

So, what drove us, 2 busy working mums to 2 beautiful girls each to create this skincare brand.

The main reason really is that we were time poor, complaining to each other that we don’t often take time for ourselves and neither of us had a consistent skincare routine we were happy with. Even worse, there were others out there like us who even admitted to using their shower gels to wash their faces whilst in the shower! We looked on-line and WOW, yes, the choices are endless. We narrowed down to what was important to us, natural, organic, low tox ingredients but with a potency to deliver results. And still what we found was overwhelming, so many choices, one product for this and one for that, did we need them all? Whilst it would be amazing if we had the time and money on the daily for some of the routines, we were seeing online, it just wasn’t for us. But we still wanted to experience all the benefits that those other products were promising.

We were confused and quite honestly over it, and we were in lockdown so what else do you do but create your own skincare range. Well, it wasn’t that simple, and it took a couple of years to perfect. But we are so proud of the end result.

A REAL simple skincare routine for REAL women like us. The ingredients are minimal and consciously selected to be REAL natural and equally important deliver REAL results.

These products are multitaskers just like us! Each of the 4 products will deliver you a complete skincare regime. Is there room for extra pampering if you have the time? Absolutely, and we can't wait to talk about the new products we have coming. But rest assured we have you covered with the Hydration Collection.

Much Love,

Rachele and Tina xoxo